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      SEEING THE INCIDENT AGAIN by Barbara Biddison

      Seeing The Curious Incident again. I did. Yesterday with high school students at 9:30 on Wednesday morning. When HG can offer a show to school kids I like to be in that audience. They are attentive, as are "regular" audiences, but the feel in the theatre is different and I find it rewarding to be in the room with them. Some of them have never seen a play before, and I'm willing to bet that none of them have ever seen a play like this one. Kudos to the teachers and the school systems that permit this truly extra-curricular activity.

      And I was right that I needed to see this play again. I'm pretty sure that I didn't miss much the first time. That's not why I went again. I just knew that because there is so much to look at. and to hear, and to feel in this curious incident, I just knew there would be more. And there was. The appearing and disappearing and corner turning red line on the floor hit me visually and not just verbally. That kind of thing. But especially a couple scenes hit me more powerfully wherever it is that our emotions live. Christopher and his mother, and his father, let us see real human love and anger and frustration so honestly, and maybe because it was my second time around I felt that more with tears in my eyes. And I laughed more too. We've been taught that we shouldn't laugh at persons with disabilities, and I agree that we shouldn't, but some of Christopher's phrases and actions and reactions ARE funny, and I laughed. It's brave of us to put on this show. Thank you.

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