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      The Curious Incident leaves me (almost) speechless by Barbara Biddison

      I've never seen a show like this. How does a community theatre, a bunch of amateurs, bring a story like this to life so powerfully? Well, it helps to have a director who just keeps putting one foot in front of the other, but without a dedicated cast it wouldn't be what it is. The ensemble work is outstanding.

      That's ten humans and one rat and one puppy all in it together. And Putnam with a vision, and Griffin and Rob with sound and light, for a cast operating as one. And Rob Garrison is outstanding as Christopher. He IS Christopher for two solid hours. I have to see it again.
      I really don't have words enough to describe what it's like to sit in the Coolidge and experience this show in the two-sided round. You have to be there.

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