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      1.20.2020 by Thomas Putnam

      Something of a transition day. After a few full three days with 90 kids on and backstage and a rescheduled performance (Saturday night got shut down due to weather and re-scheduled to Sunday afternoon), FROZEN closed with a very good feel. It was a good camp. Few if any behavioral problems, really committed cast members all the way from the Elsas and Annas to the smallest Hidden Folk, great support from tech and staff folk, a lot of fun music and movement and color, real friendships and connections with kids from different schools and districts. The only down-side is that I can't get some of those ear-worm music themes out of my brain!

      I love the winter drama camps for kids!! I get to see the first one in Blossburg this Friday and Saturday, the 17th and 18th! And then I get to see it again in Elkland in three weeks. February 7th and 8th. They are doing Disney's Frozen Jr. this year, and since that is not a show I'm familiar with it will be especially fun and interesting. Why go to both Bloss and Elkland? Well, it's a different cast! That's why. And it's a different auditorium and a different set of families and friends in the audience. If you've never seen any kind of show twice, you should try it. Besides I like to just marvel over how they can learn all that singing and dancing and blocking, and talking at the same time, in just a little over 2 weeks.

      Musing on 3 decades with Hamilton-Gibson. I've been fortunate to spend a few months here and there with what becomes my HG family for the duration of the rehearsal/performance time of a production. It's always different, and always special, and always something that I miss when it's over.

      MLK4Besides working every day at camp in Blossburg, and casting the next camp in Elkland, and rehearsing daily for A POUND OF FLESH, I'm gearing up for the MLK Concert in just under two weeks. We hosted one of these choral gatherings two years ago, and planned one for last year but got weathered out. Another one is planned for Monday, January 20 at the Wellsboro High School. I try to keep it simple, but there are a lot of preparations and planning involved and it all takes time.

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