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      Seeing The Curious Incident again. I did. Yesterday with high school students at 9:30 on Wednesday morning. When HG can offer a show to school kids I like to be in that audience. They are attentive, as are "regular" audiences, but the feel in the theatre is different and I find it rewarding to be in the room with them. Some of them have never seen a play before, and I'm willing to bet that none of them have ever seen a play like this one. Kudos to the teachers and the school systems that permit this truly extra-curricular activity.

      A few times in THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME 15 year old Christopher is encouraged to take clear purposeful steps to accomplish his goal: left, right, left, right. Sometimes that's all we need—the direction to put one food ahead of the other. Once that is accomplished, we put the other foot ahead. Once that is accomplished, the other foot.

      I believe in the power of words. I love words. I believe in words. I respect them. In the beginning was WORD.

      From time to time we are faced with a script that contains words that some people will find offensive. Nearly every time this occurs we have the same discussion and debate. Should we change the script? Should we leave out the offensive words completely or try to substitute? Should we leave them in and present the play as written? Should we not produce the play?

      The two weeks before a production opens are usually the most stressful times for me. Directing a number of shows throughout the year doesn't leave me with much un-stressful time, but I continue to try to learn how to manage and stay healthy. My Lyme/Co-infections disease has flared up leading to feelings of apathy and inertia, in addition to the debilitating brain fog. Stress always triggers a flare-up and so these two weeks prior to an opening offer a catch-22 cycle.

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