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      bbblohWe made the "official" decision yesterday to postpone the annual September beginning of another year for HG's Acting Up program for folks over 55. It's just not safe right now to sit in a well-lit room where we can read aloud plays and poems and stories to each other and with each other. We typically sit in a circle, usually about a dozen of us (often more, sometimes fewer), in the "Red Room" at the HG house/office. We considered other locations where social distancing would be possible, but the likelihood of rain or snow outside, and the need for available restrooms and plenty of light for older eyes to see the page and....well, add to that that we are all at a "high risk" age, and some are not ready to leave the house, and it becomes clear. Clear, but sad. It's good to have made the decision, but I woke up this morning with the Tuesday Morning Blues. Walked the dog. Went out to the garden bathed in early morning sun.

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      After the whirlwind of radio shows this past weekend, we're now focusing on the next production, THE VIEW FROM HERE. If you didn't get a chance to experience the radio festival you may get a chance to see the shows in some form; they were all recorded so they may be able to be accessed in the future. It was a grand experiment as we move into the world of pandemically-modified programming, and many thanks and high praise to Gabe Hakvaag for pressing on through the many challenges. There was some really fine acting from some new actors and some satisfying witness of some HG veterans' talent. Bravo to all; and we welcome your feedback.

      blog 20398Last night I tuned in to HG's festival of new and vintage radio shows. I had sat in on a taping of one of the shows last week, but other than that I have only heard about the journey into HG's venture into streaming. With live theatre just not like it was six months ago theatres across the country have tried to stream live shows. I've tried a few of them, and decided that I didn't like it. Usually the sound was bad; the camera work was ineffective; the lack of audience breath and gasps and sighs was disappointing.

      blog91820p0The Hamilton Gibson Radio Festival is gearing up for it's fourth year of voice-acting. This year is my third time directing and fourth year as a part of the festival. We had big plans this year (didn't we all?) that got adjusted once COVID-19 hit. Still, HG presented an online voice acting workshop, and a shorter list of plays will still be presented to the public via some sort of online format. (There is a plan, I just can't retain information about the workings of technology and the internet)

      blog4736iI watched a filming the other day of one of our HG radio shows that are being aired this week. I was struck with the use of body language one of the actors exhibited. It's radio, remember, so theoretically body language wouldn't play a role in the presentation. HG offers a hybrid, however; yes it's radio wherein the main avenue is hearing the speech, but we (typically except during a pandemic) offer the audience a chance to see it as well in the “studio”. So, body language.

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