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      d21The last few weeks of November are perhaps the most stressful, busy, joyous, fun, demanding weeks of the HG year. In the past few days I have had rehearsals for A CHRISTMAS CAROL production, rehearsals for the Dickens of a Concert with two choirs, sorted out some things—soloists and string players—for the MESSIAH COMMUNITY SING, and sang and danced with a score of kids who are going to be on the street at Dickens. (I've also been trying to clean my house and to get the annual HG appeal mailing out.)


      I'm not real certain of where or when this image came into focus in my mind. It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks for sure. Family member very ill with Covid; another family member in a treatment center; a friend in ICU with heart issues; and tons of stuff with Hamilton-Gibson. Lots of stuff all jumbled together in my fatigued brain, but one image has come into focus: a child who is lonely. A child who is afraid. I don't know where it came from but it's clearly in focus.

      Tdove333he six-day run of WOODPECKER LIPS was a beautiful thing to behold. The year's worth of writing and rewriting, and of director's workshops to prepare for actual directing, and of auditions to find just the right actor for each monologue--all this came together in six performances, most of them "sold out." We worked hard. We saw women do things we/they had never done before. We met people we had never met before. And then it was time to strike the set--poof! and it was gone. So I thought to myself, "Ahhh, it's time for basking."

      all togetherThe first rehearsal on the Wellsboro High School stage was on the Wednesday night before ALL TOGETHER NOW! opens on Saturday, November 13.  These Hamilton-Gibson performers have, of course, been rehearsing elsewhere.  Now it's time to transfer all that to the space where the two (yes, only 2) performances will happen.  Most of these actors are not new to the stage, so they dig right in.  And the guys way up there in the tech booth do the same.  This show consists of musical numbers from hit Broadway shows, but this time the singers and dancers are people we know.  They live around here and perform whenever they can!

      snowWho wants to be involved in a project called Woodpecker Lips? Oh… “She’s as tough as Woodpecker Lips!” Oh,I get it… okay….

      Through a round-about series of events, I stepped into in this project. I can comment on two areas: my personal experience and the overall project. The image that comes to mind to describe this experience is that of a snowball; not in the freezing, cold sense but in the idea of a project building, gaining momentum and becoming larger and better than the original concept. 

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