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      When I learned HG was going to take on Mamma Mia!, there was never a question I’d audition. Do I love ABBA? I sure do. Have I seen the movie more times than might be necessary? Yes, ma’am. The real decision-maker, though, was that the hallmark of the show is that it’s fun… for everyone.

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      The process of working on a production can take you to all sorts of places. Producing a musical has its own and increased challenges. Besides the foundational blocking (deciding where and when people go/move on stage), and set design, and lighting design, and sound design, there is the added challenges of music—actors and musicians and balance of sound. Add to this the challenge of traveling to work on the set and rehearsals, finding trucks and muscles to move set pieces and construction materials. I’m usually exhausted as we approach the opening night.

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      We're trying something new: auditioning for three 2019 plays all at the same time. Three directors will be on hand. You can audition for all or for one or two, though no actor will be cast in back-to-back productions.

      Here's the cast descriptions for YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU which will be performed in February. Watch for descriptions of MISS HOLMES and BOEING BOEING in the next few days.

      “You Can’t Take It With You” Characters (in random order) . Directed by Thomas Putnam

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      The motley crew gathered at the HG Warehouse at 9AM on December 1st, 2018 By 10AM we were strolling down Main Street and back up, singing as we went. At the stage we performed for almost an hour. I learned some things about audience participation as the day went on. Thomas Putnam is so smart about those things.....I would have thought it would never work with hundreds of visitors in the Dickens crowds. I was personally proved wrong.

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