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      I was speaking with the minister of my church the other day and he stated simply that Martin Luther King Junior is one of the people in the world and history who holds his greatest admiration. Like one of the top two. All MLK wanted to be was a pastor of a church and minister to the congregation. He had no ambition or inclination to move into the incredible role he played in world history.

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      We're holding auditions for A FEZZIWIG CHRISTMAS this Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm thinking that few people have ever heard of Fezziwig or have any concept of what we try to do with our Fezziwig shows. The Fezziwigs come from Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Mr. Fezziwig owned a business wherein Ebenezer Scrooge was an apprentice and every Christmas Eve they hosted a party for all their employees and neighbors and family. It is perhaps one of the most charming, pleasant, delightful, joyous descriptions of any holiday festivity in all of literature. (Big claim, I know.)

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      We're in Ontario at the Stratford Festival. It's an experience to which I always look forward as it offers an opportunity to go somewhere else, and I don't have to drive or cook or make my bed or answer any phone or email, and I get to experience four plays of incredible quality.

      I'm writing this on Saturday—though you won't read it until Sunday—and have experienced two top-notch productions. Treasure Island and HMS Pinafore. Treasure Island was a bonus optional play that some of us attended on Friday afternoon, shortly after we arrived in Stratford. (We leave Wellsboro at 5:30AM so it makes for a long day.) The theatre (on the steps of which Justin Bieber used to perform as a kid growing up in Stratford) was filled with kids, with a sprinkling of parents and what appeared to be grandparents. What kid can resist pirates? What is it about pirates that kids enjoy? The last pirate thing I saw was Tom Hanks as Captain Roberts, and they were no fun.

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      Years ago, like back in the mid-90's, a member of one of the casts said she was looking forward to the end of a rehearsal/performance run because she could then get her bills paid. Her husband, who was also in the cast, chimed in that when both of them were in a play, not only were bills not paid, but nothing else in the household/lives got done.

      Kind of how I feel now. The process of rehearsals and performances of PROOF consumed more energy and time than I realize. Bills were indeed not paid. Meals tended to be repeats and quick leftovers (as one of my sons so ingratiously pointed out.) Tomatos hung and fell off the vines left unprocessed—and I had millions of tomatoes this year. And all of this was compounded because of the Lyme in my system which renders me so often completely useless.

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